The Lee Family

The Lee Family

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lost Time

So, I was supposed to update this quite a while ago. We got our camper and it's home! I've washed it down and cleaned it all up so that it's ready to go on our first real trip. We've camped in our backyard, and the kids had a blast! The month of April was beautiful, but May so far has been a different story. We camp in two weeks and I want the weather to be amazing so that our frist trip will be awesome. I guess it doesn't matter what the weather will be as long as we are together and enjoying each other. I have some more shopping to do for a few small things that we need for the camper. I really need an electric griddle, but I have no idea what they cost so that will be a maybe. I also want to get the kids some "camping only toys". I need to get a few puzzles, binoculars, play dough, dump trucks, and shovels. I am really excited about getting 4 journals, one for each child. I want them to draw a picture and write about what each trip meant to them or what was fun to them, etc... I"ll be back again when we get home from our trip!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our Blog Spot

We decided to create a page to chronicle our family's adventures in the camping world. We will post pictures, places we've stayed, what we've thought of them, ideas...basically anything camping! We have already had many adventures in life, but this is a new adventure for our family! We will begin our journey with purchasing our first camper. I will update this with all the details as soon as it is in our driveway! We have lots of planned camping trips already. Some with friends, some with family, and some with just the six of us. We started out tent camping last year and it was such a blast! Unfortunately the weather dictated when we could camp. We decided in order to get the most out of our camping experiences we needed to get something a little more weather resistant. I've posted some pictures of us camping last year...backyard, and campgrounds! We are so excited for this new season in our lives. Stay tuned...